My Story

My name is Judy Tills and I am the owner of Peaceful Transitions. I experienced my own transition when my mother died in 2008.

It thrust me into a time of grief and profound transition that changed my life.

I knew that I couldn’t continue in a very stressful, physically and emotionally demanding –although lucrative--job of being a food stylist that I had had for 35 years.  Through a class called Health Realization, I discovered that I needed to listen to my inner self—the one that never lies and will always tell us the truth—and quit my job.  Just like that.  I felt such great relief.

But—now I sat in

Judy Tills

The Great Unknown

—that uncomfortable, uneasy space typical of all transitions.  What do I do next?  I decided to surrender to whatever came towards me and to trust that I would know what direction to follow.  And did it ever!  I was listening to an Oprah show one afternoon and I heard a mother talk about the death of her son and she decided to become a hospice volunteer.  Immediately,  I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

I had always had an interest in the end of life, collecting books about it for years, and my mother –and my aunt two months before her—had hospice care.  And it was wonderful!  I thought that this is the way death should be—with dignity, comfort, grace.  And, the Universe stepped forward to help. The hospice volunteer who saw my mother was also a friend of mine, so I called her immediately and asked for her thoughts about me becoming a volunteer.  Within the hour, I was registered for the Fairview hospice volunteer training that was to begin in four days.  I managed to complete all the necessary tests to start the training in that short a time.

So, thus began my 5 years of being a hospice volunteer.  Within a couple months, I had two people who I trusted suggest to me that I try energy work.  I thought, well that’s ridiculous, because only “weird” people do that.  But, having nothing else to do, I decided to try it.  And I was very scared.   The first class I tried didn’t appeal to me because it was very unstructured.  But, then I remembered the name of a healing method called Healing Touch and I decided to take a class.  That was it.  What resonated with me was that it was treated as a profession, that it was endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association, used in hospitals and medical facilities all over the world, had a standards of practice, code of ethics, and was quite structured in its treatment plan.

So, I began my 2-1/2 years of becoming a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

This was a process of rigorous study, practice, and personal growth.  During that time, I was asked by the bereavement director of Fairview Hospice if I would be interested in doing Healing Touch with those families who were grieving the loss of their loved ones.  I jumped at the chance!  So, I set up a healing space in a conference room at a Fairview clinic, and saw clients every Friday for two years.  I saw my clients, in as short a time as three sessions, reduce their grief symptoms and become able to move on again in life with renewed hope, purpose and joy.

I also did energy work on those who were dying, bringing peace and wholeness to the person and to their families.  It allowed the dying to move on with peace, while bringing comfort to the families, knowing that they had provided this gentle way of healing for their loved one. I realized I had discovered my soul’s purpose!  This was now to be my passion for the next phase of my life.

People ask me, “How can you do this kind of work?  Isn’t it terribly sad?”

I respond by saying that I know that I am helping at a very natural time of life,--we all die and we all experience grief and transitions.  And we can heal right up until the end.  And, we can move on with renewed purpose, hope, and joy.

During my time at Fairview, I was also asked to be a member of the Fairview Hospice Ethics committee, providing insight into how many ways there are to look at what can be a very challenging time.  And to do what is right, given many different circumstances.  It helped me be able to pause and reflect when I am presented with something I’m not sure how to handle.

I left my volunteer position in hospice in 2012 to begin my own practice –

Peaceful Transitions:  Healing Touch for Grief, Loss and End of Life

I decided on the word Peaceful because every person I had worked with always said, at the end of the session, that they had never felt so peaceful.  And, what a gift, especially in today’s harried, stressful world.  To provide respite—an oasis of peace, a time of focus just on them.  I added the word “transitions” because I was attracting, in addition to those who were grieving and those who were dying, those who were in many kinds of other transitions, such as surgery, chemotherapy, job loss, divorce.

We are always in transition and how comforting to know that there is a way to help ease those uncomfortable feelings and move on into the next phase of our lives.

I believe—and have witnessed-- that with loss, there is always hope for a brand new direction in life that can again be filled with joy.  Healing Touch gives people the peace, clarity, and strength they need to move on.  And I will be beside them, grateful to be a part of their transition!

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