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There can be great power in simple, human touch. Jan Graham has felt it. Jan, whose husband, Tom, died in February after several years of health problems and a week in Fairview's hospice program, experienced physical pain that couldn't be diagnosed, had trouble sleeping and could not eat.

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Hospice is a wonderful organization, they helped my husband and I during his final days.  After his death I received a call from a lady from Hospice Bereavement, and we spoke about how I was doing at this time.  She suggested that I could come to counseling there and get some help with my grief. I made an appointment and saw Steve Sims, he was very compassionate and gave me helpful advice.  After seeing him a few times and getting some much needed support he suggested that I try going to Healing Touch.  What a helpful experience that was.  Judy was such a good listener and she introduced me to the Healing Touch Experience.  I had been having anxiety issues, sadness, and stomach pain. After going back to Healing Touch and seeing  Judy a few times I realized how I was starting to feel better,  more calm,  and the pain and sadness  I  could deal with it much better.  I believe that Healing Touch can help other people like it helped me. Thank you Hospice, Steve Sims and Judy Tills. ඏ


I realize grief is an individual journey and one that could be defined as unchartered territory.  One of my challenges was losing my high energy -- an asset I often tapped into to juggle multiple commitments.  I also had taken that energy for granted. As my energy got blocked, I also lost my focus which caused a lot of frustration.  Healing Touch helped me relax and released some of my blocked energy.  It was supporting, calming and healing.  This technique was very beneficial to me. ඏ


My husband died on September 7th after a two month battle with a brain tumor.  In the beginning, I simply functioned and was numb.  It’s like going to the dentist and having anesthesia or Novocain.  I didn’t feel anything except cold and empty inside. As I started to feel the raw pain and the grief I would see Steve Simms at the Fairview Hospice Bereavement program.  Steve helped me to understand my feelings and deal with them.  One of my issues is that I went from numb to constant chatter in my head about my husband.  What would he say, do, think about what I was doing.  Because I no longer had my life partner to bounce things off of I felt totally twisted up and out of kilter.  Steve suggested that I try Healing Touch. I’m a main-line “normal” Christian, but I certainly knew that I was running myself ragged not knowing how to deal with my own energy.  So I met Judy Tills and started working with Healing Touch.  I felt nurtured and cared for in our sessions.  My thoughts would quiet and I’d have the most relaxed sense of peace when we were done with a session.  I almost felt like a child in the womb:  warm, safe, cared-for.  The room was lit with candles and I always knew that Judy’s mission was to help me become more whole again.  I don’t know all the science behind the sessions-but a few things she said made so much sense to me.  For example, Judy and I talked about how some people rub you the wrong way (your energy levels are not aligned).  With other people there is chemistry and magic.  That’s how it was between me and my husband.  Judy and I reviewed these energy level movements, which lead to feelings and gut instincts.  In my sessions I got my energy levels to calm down to help me get through my grief. I will continue to grieve-but I’m also enjoying my life.  I’m laughing again; I’m  loving my grand-daughter; I’m engaging with the world again with a renewed sense of purpose.  Talking to a grief counselor  and then experiencing Healing Touch have been wonderful steps for me in my healing process. ඏ


I looked forward to my Healing Touch sessions during the time I was a Primary Care Giving as I did not have many outlets for my own personal respite care.  After each Healing Touch session, I felt more balanced mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Right before each healing touch session there was a one-one-on open forum for me to talk about my loved one and identify what I wanted to get out of the session.  During the session I felt sfe and comfortable; it was a calming experience and it grounded me.  The actually healing experience was subtle and hard to describe; I felt a gentle electiracla energy throughout my body during the session that left me feeling tranquil.  My loved one passed away 6 months ago and I have continue the Healing Touch therapy independent of Fairview as an outlet to deal with my grief and bring balance to my life. ඏ


In my initial session with Judy I was impressed with the comprehensive assessment she conducted of my total wellbeing.  My emotional and spiritual state were assessed before our actual session began.  I could totally relax in Judy’s presence.  She instills trust and confidence in a soft and gentle manner.  She is a highly skilled clinician (or healer). I had three sessions with Judy; one shortly after a bone fracture, another the day before surgery to repair the fracture and the final the day after surgery.  I felt totally prepared for the surgical procedure and feel my healing was accelerated due to the relaxed emotional, physical and spiritual state I was brought to through Judy’s help.  My natural tendency is to be quite anxious, especially with medical issues like the one I was facing.  Judy definitely provided what I needed to go through the healing process without added anxiety. ඏ


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